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Yellow Lab Tools The Number #1 Website Speed Testing Tool for 2021

What are Website Speed Testing Tools

There are several tools on the internet that help with a variety of web testing tasks, such tasks consist of providing us speed & performance metrics, what they are, how they affect our website, and where each of these aspects gets applied and no other tool does this better than Yellow Lab Tools

Yellow Lab Tools

Yellow labs
Yellow Lab Tools is the ultimate tool when it comes to detecting performance and website quality issues. This tool was created by Gaël Métais in 2014. It provides a general grade for your website using the typical ‘A-F’ grading method as well as a ‘1/100’ rating but this total grade is calculated by breaking down several aspects of your site and assigning them each an individual grade.


Here is the list of what they evaluate.
  • Page weight
  • Requests
  • DOM complexity
  • JS complexity
  • Bad JS
  • jQuery
  • CSS complexity
  • Bad CSS
  • Web fonts
  • Server config

Why you should be using Yellow Labs Tools

Now you are probably telling yourself ‘meh…just another tool’. You are right there are countless other tools in the industry that may get used. But you know what many of those tools lack? A simple, clean, and minimalistic UI (User Interface) that guarantees an amazing User Experience. Also, most of these tools lock and prevent a user from utilizing the most essential features such as ‘mobile testing’ until you subscribe to a premium plan. Want to know how much Yellow Labs Tools costs? Nothing, nada not a damn thing, no tricks or catches. Completely free, you don’t even need to create an account or anything, no header to be bogged down by, it is just straight to the point! Don’t believe me? Enter any URL into the input field and see the results for yourself. You’ll be hooked just like me.


This is a fantastic tool that should be given more exposure as I believe it truly could become a pillar in the industry and be in the same league as Google Page Insights & GTMetrix. If you are looking for more information regarding this tool, you will find a more thorough explanation by the man himself here. More to come soon regarding Yellow Labs Tools where I will post guides on understanding how each aspect affects your website performance. Until then if you are looking for someone to audit your website, you can request a quote on my website. Include the code BLOG15 in your quote for 15% off!

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