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Screpy Website Analysis Tool Review

Designed for Marketing Professionals

Screpy is a useful tool for web managers, SEO experts, and website owners.

With Screpy you have your very own built-in web assistant that runs on AI.

Screpy is a powerful AI-based system that offers a set of features that will help you do your job efficiently and quickly, this system makes the process easy for you because it gives you step-by-step tasks to accomplish, and it provides an analysis of the content and structure of your current website with detailed information about the importance and impact of each task.

Whether you have broken links or non-crawlable pages, the automatic tasks feature will alert you to these issue which of those issues are the most critical and why.

Screpy Features

Keyword Tracker

A website without a good keyword strategy will never rank well in Google. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your site has an effective search engine optimization (SEO) plan.

It can crawl and track keywords on your website and alert you to any issues. By analyzing the keyword ranking Screpy will show you the top 100 search results for any keyword. With it’s SERP Results Tab it includes from those pages, the title, description, H1, images, links, content and response time.

Uptime Monitoring

Screpy is also a solution for monitoring your website’s uptime. It displays a detailed response time graph with Status Codes, Average Uptime, The Date the requests were made & Average Response Times which shows you how long it took the servers to respond to your requests. These metrics show you how your website is behaving. Additionally an awesome feature is the ability to export this data as a CSV.

SEO Audit

With Screpy’s SEO tool, you aren’t required to be an SEO expert to succeed, you’ll be able to get a leg up on the competition by having a better grasp on identifying problems and applying the necessary fixes.

SEO audits are useful for evaluating your website from a user perspective. They help you identify potential gaps that may be causing your site not to rank. For example, they can show whether you have enough keywords in your meta title tag.

Screpy makes it easy to see what your site needs to improve in terms of SEO.

Page Speed

With Screpy’s page speed monitor, you will be able to see how quickly and effectively your web pages load. With this knowledge you can improve the speed of your website so that it loads in a timely manner and users do not have to wait for it to load. The page speed monitoring tool allows you to diagnose the errors that cause slow page loading speed and provide the necessary solutions to those errors.


Most business and website owners have freelancers and agencies assigned to perform tasks such as SEO and web analytics as well as web content management, marketing, or social media optimization. With Screpy, you are provided the capabilities to ensure you can make your website succeed and excel without the need to hire freelancers that just utilize the tool themselves.

Start using the Screpy SEO tool today!

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