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Why Divi Express Is The Best Source For Premium Divi Layouts

Divi Express is the ultimate resource for premium WordPress Divi Theme Layouts. Divi Express is a great choice for any type of corporate, portfolio or E-commerce website, including those for app developers, web developers, marketing, and many more. With templates available in a variety of different styles, you can be sure to find the perfect Divi Layout for your business.

What Industries does it have Divi Templates for

Every type of website you can think of, 9 times out of 10 they will have at least one websites for that niche. I don’t think I have had a client where I went to look up a Divi Express Divi Template and they didn’t have one. You can see all the Divi Layouts before you purchase, so you can be sure of the type of quality you are receiving before paying for a membership. To give you a rough idea of what they cover, here are their first 30 Divi Layouts:

  1. Carpenter Website
  2. Construction Website
  3. Dentist Website
  4. Hamburger Website
  5. Lawyer Website
  6. Electrician Website
  7. Hairdresser Website
  8. Insurance Website
  9. Logistic Website
  10. Landscape Website
  11. Bread Bakery Website
  12. Massage Website
  13. Cleaning Website
  14. Pizza Website
  15. Plumber Website
  16. Car Repair Website
  17. Gym Website
  18. Veterinary Website
  19. Finance Website
  20. Interior Design Website
  21. Laundry Website
  22. Cake Shop Website
  23. Plastic Surgery Website
  24. Hotel Website
  25. Pest Control Website
  26. Furniture Website
  27. Tattoo Website
  28. Portfolio Website
  29. Psychologist Website
  30. Gynecology Website

Divi express

What type of Divi Sections are included

As of November 2021, they currently have 551 unique Divi Layouts as well as 1000+ Divi Sections which are individual elements of websites such as

  • Hero
  • Card
  • Content
  • Gallery
  • Pricing Table
  • Counter
  • Email Optin
  • Faq
  • Comment
  • Logo Showcase
  • Team
  • Contact
  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Coming Soon
  • 404 Pages

How Much Divi Express Costs

Divi Express provides two pricing options for you to obtain access to their platform. You have the choice of the “Yearly Access” which is originally priced at $189 but currently 48% off for $99 isand the “Lifetime Access” which is priced at $299 but currently 48% off for $159. Both options include:

  • 500+ Divi Layouts
  • 1000+ Divi Sections
  • 130+ Divi Elements
  • 35+ Divi Subpages
  • Presentation Kit
  • Frame.Express Access
  • Unlimited Downloads

I personally do a substantial amount of research when I am interested in a certain resource, so once I am certain of it’s credibility and how I can utilize it within my workflow I purchase the lifetime licenses as I do not enjoy annual deductions. I prefer to simply get it out of the way in a single purchase. So needless to say I have the Lifetime Access for Divi Express and honestly ever since buying it, I have used a template as a base benchmarking option for every client I have had. It is definitely worth the money when you compare it to the quality of the products. They also keep layouts fresh by adding more content every month. Click this link if you are interested in purchasing Divi Express.


Hopefully, you now have an idea of why Divi Express is one of the best Divi Theme Resources to have. If you enjoyed this recommendation, please give it a share or leave a comment!

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